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Dayton Pylon Signs


A business that recognizes the significance of visibility for its success prioritizes the placement of a distinctive pylon sign in a strategic location. According to a University of Cincinnati study, placing this sign directly outside the door can increase sales by 15%.

custom tenant pylon sign

Sign Connection is aware of the value of investing in visibility. We specialize in crafting custom, premium Dayton pylon signs that seamlessly align with your company’s brand and budget.

Beyond their visual appeal, we acknowledge that pylon signs play a crucial role beyond being eye-catching. They serve as effective tenant signs in various locations such as shopping malls and business parks, providing a concise list of all the businesses housed there.

At Sign Connection, we are committed to delivering highly effective pole signs. These signs offer both drivers and pedestrians a vibrant introduction to your company, guiding them to your location and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxes

At Sign Connection, our mission is to redefine your brand’s visibility. With our eye-catching road sign boxes, you can unlock exposure that lasts all day and night.

Our skill lies in customizing steel cabinets to your desired size and shape, offering options for permanent channel letters or interchangeable sign faces that are both enduring and versatile.

The customization possibilities for illuminated pylon signs are endless, and we are prepared to create a unique piece that matches your specific needs. Explore our multi-layered signs featuring LED or neon lighting for enhanced night vision.

With a sign that perfectly captures the spirit of your business, we bring your vision to life, supported by our artistic ability and meticulous craftsmanship.

Affordable Tenant Signs

custom tenant sign

Choosing a non-illuminated pylon sign is a wise financial decision when nighttime illumination is unnecessary. Our signs prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising visibility.

Our non-illuminated road signs feature durable steel frames, aluminum sides, and a carefully crafted face attached to one or more steel poles. Sign Connection takes pride in delivering full-color digital prints with intricate patterns that capture your unique brand identity.

With our premium non-illuminated Dayton pylon signs, you can anticipate your signs becoming recognizable landmarks in your neighborhood. Our commitment is to create signage that meets your visibility needs and embodies the distinctive essence of your brand.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

Pylon sign durability is paramount, as these signs are consistently exposed to the elements, requiring resilience against wind and inclement weather.

custom pylon sign

Recognizing this crucial aspect, Sign Connection is committed to delivering Dayton pylon signs that are both functional and enduring.

Choose from robust materials for sign cabinets, including steel, aluminum extrusions, and tubing. Sign faces offer diverse possibilities with options like polycarbonate, vinyl, acrylic, and channel letters.

At Sign Connection, we excel in providing water-resistant digital pole and pylon signs. This innovative solution allows for quick and frequent message updates, ensuring accurate display and attention-grabbing visibility, regardless of the weather.

Our commitment is to craft Dayton pylon signs that not only meet but exceed your requirements, ensuring long-term efficacy.

Full-Service Sign Company

Outdoor Tenant Pylon Sign

Our Dayton, OH sign company takes pride in its extensive knowledge of the field and a rich history of creating signs. We excel in navigating the complexities of the pylon sign industry, showcasing our seasoned expertise.

With a dedicated team of knowledgeable engineers, artists, and signage specialists, we provide comprehensive direction and assistance throughout the sign-making process. From conception and design to meticulous production and flawless installation, we are committed partners. Additionally, we ensure compliance with legal signage requirements.

Sign Connection offers services for maintenance, rebranding, or changing sign faces. Our all-encompassing strategy guarantees that every aspect of your signage needs is handled with skill and professionalism.

Free Pylon Signs Consultation

Dayton Sign Company Logo Sign ConnectionWhatever your Dayton pylon sign needs, Sign Connection is the best option, regardless of your industry. We have experience working with various industries, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and malls. We look forward to working with your company and creating a solution tailored to your needs.

Curious about how pylon signs can elevate your company’s visibility? Consult with our knowledgeable sign specialists who will guide you through the options and provide insightful commentary. At Sign Connection, we are more than just sign suppliers; we are committed partners dedicated to growing your brand’s awareness and leaving a lasting impression in your industry.

Call Sign Connection today at (937) 203-4481 for your Free Consultation with a Dayton Pylon Sign expert!