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Bar Signs
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Bar Signs

Increase new customer engagement, improve your average ticket, and increase your brand visibility for your bar or nightclub!

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People who visit bars are usually those who are ready to spend some money. They usually don’t need a lot of convincing when it comes to making purchases inside the bar. However, the steady growth of the bar industry here in the US also means increased competition…and while it’s not that hard to get your customers to buy something from your bar, the challenge lies in convincing them that you offer what they’re looking for. The challenge lies in actually getting people in through your bar’s doors. Attractive and effective bar signs are the perfect tools that you can use for this.

No entertainment establishment is ever complete without impactful, personalized signages to attract customers. And a custom-crafted sign that clearly conveys your brand message is exactly what your bar needs!

Sign Connection is a trusted local sign provider and we specialize in delivering high-quality bar signs to suit each of our client’s brand, business goals, and budget. Whether you’re looking for indoor signs, outdoor signs, fascia signs, channel letters, wood signs, metal signs, vinyl banners, or LED signs for your bar, we are ready to help you out.

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Commercial Signs For Your Brand

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The best way to get customers inside your bar is to let them know that you have what they’re looking for, whether it’s service, ambiance, environment, products, etc. Excellent bar signage that shows your brand’s personality can help by showing passing drivers and pedestrians what your business is all about even before they step inside your building.

By having a strong personality, it’s a lot easier for potential customers to distinguish and remember your business from the competition. Wooden commercial signs by Sign Connection, for example, give your business a noticeably classic and rustic look. When carved or sandblasted, wooden signs have a unique depth and warmth to them.

Aluminum channel letters, on the other hand, can give your bar a sleek and modern feel to it. They also offer a lot of versatility to play around with. You can customize your font style, font color, backlight color, logo appearance, and even placement in order to emphasize your brand personality.

Sign Connection offers an extensive selection of sign types, sign materials, and design options, as well as an experienced team of signage specialists. We’re excited to know all about your bar’s personality so we can provide you with a high-quality commercial sign that reflects it perfectly.

Set the Mood with Indoor Signs

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Studies have shown that ambiance affects a restaurant’s profit. And it doesn’t require a marketing degree to know that this applies to bars as well. How? Well, if you set the ideal atmosphere in your bar, your customers feel more comfortable and eventually have a positive experience in your business. When a customer enjoys their experience, they’re more likely to return, and once they do (possibly with friends along!), that’s an increased profit for you.

But the right ambiance is not just any kind of ambiance; you need to give your customers a cohesive brand experience in order for them to fully enjoy their time. Along with your business’s words and behavior, your visual appeal communicates your brand message to your customers. Indoor signage can be an excellent tool in building visual appeal.

From menu signs, to bar posters, to wayfinding signs, to aluminum plaque signs, to wooden barrel top signs, Sign Connection has the tools and the talent to design, custom-craft, manufacture, and install the right interior signage to give your business the right ambiance.

Neon-Style LED Signage

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Neon signs have long had a reputation for giving businesses a fun and exciting appeal. Because of their brilliance and colors, neon signs help bars stand out particularly during the night time. Sign Connection, however, offers something brighter, safer, cheaper, and better than neon signs…they are neon-style LED signs.

Sign Connection’s LED signs are cheaper than neon lights because they cost less during purchase, consume less electricity when used, and require virtually zero maintenance. Though neon lights give off a warmer glow, neon-style LED signs are much brighter, can be noticed farther away, and can be seen even in daylight. They are also a lot sturdier than breakable neon signs.

If you are looking to give your bar a brilliant glow and a fun vibe, Sign Connection can help you out with that.

Full-Service Sign Company

Bar Signs vinyl wall mural indoor install 225x300

Sign Connection has been in the sign-making industry for many years and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that signs aren’t supposed to just look nice. They need to be strategic. From sign design, all the way to sign installation, bar signages need to be handled in a smart and strategic manner in order for them to be effective. And this is what gives us the edge over other signs companies. We don’t just print your signs, we create a detailed plan for them.

Sign Connection is committed to delivering professional, effective bar signs for your business. And we make sure that you love them, too! We work closely with you so we know exactly what your vision is, and we can work together to bring your unique vision to life.

Free Bar Sign Consultation

As a trusted local signage provider, Sign Connection knows how it feels to establish one’s brand and to get customers to continue to come back for more. We want that for you, and we can help by bringing your brand personality to life through impactful bar signs.

If you want to know how it works and what we can do for you, just let us know and we’ll have one of our experienced signage specialists discuss things with you.

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